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AGood Helper has a mission to simplify business technology. We are guided by our core values of quality, integrity, and teamwork. We are IT professionals that want to help clients make the best decisions regarding technology.

We are a Las Vegas boutique style IT service provider that will talk and act more like a trusted partner. We can be your IT department or we can be a Good Helper to your existing IT resources. Computers, Servers, Firewalls, Cloud, Domains, Mobile, Networking, Security, Websites, Social Media, Databases, Applications, VoIP, and Fiber are just some IT resources where we can be a Good Helper. One thing is certain we will find a way to save you money.

Our clients will feel the passion we have for our profession. Our decades of experience can be seen in our work. We were there in the 90s before Y2K. We implemented VoIP when Shoretel was Shoreline and Skype wasn’t invented yet. We were building cloud solutions before Exchange was on the iPhones. We have been helping Las Vegas businesses with their IT needs before Switch bought the Enron building. We have the education, training, and experience to be a Good Helper for you and your business.


See what we think about the Value Formula click here. We understand hassle is not something that is easily resolved and try at all costs to avoid and eradicate. Hassle is the Good Helper’s archenemy. Value comes at a price and hassle is very expensive for everyone involved. Good Helper benefits will go well beyond price giving you value in many ways but most importantly the value you need when you need it and without the hassle.

We can help. We want to help. How can we be a Good Helper for you?