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Backups and Disaster Recovery

When talking about backups we like to talk about recovery not backing things up. The importance of backing up your data and your systems goes without saying. The conversation needs to be about what happens when you need to recover? Even if your files are in the cloud what happens if they get infected with cryptolocker? Backing up is easy. It takes preparation, planning, and the ability to act when called upon to recover.

We have been in recovery mode more times than we can count. We need to know and agree on each client’s expectation and acceptance of risk with the backup solution and the time it takes to recover. Some companies that need instant recovery and high-availability will have different needs then a company that doesn’t care if it takes a week to recover from backups. We have seen both types of companies. Virtualization makes recovery a lot easier and super easy to setup instant system fail-overs. The choice is yours. You need to discover what your tolerance is for downtime and what you want in terms of recovery time.

When it comes to backups one size does not fit all.

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