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  • Normal ROI within 24 months

  • Super flexible, 1 user or 1000 users

  • Physical phone optional

  • Unlimited extensions

  • Auto-attendant or Digital Receptionist

  • Ring extension & mobile at the same time

  • Call reporting

  • Call recording

  • Call queues, groups, and ring patterns

  • Windows, Mac, Android & Apple iOS Compatible

  • Operator, receptionist & call management included


Q: What happens to my existing phone numbers?

A: We will work with your current phone provider to transfer (port) your numbers which is included in every installation. In the mean time, we will provide a working number in the area code of your choosing.

Q: Can I make international calls or block them?

A: For security and cost protection all plans come with US and Canada long distance to start. We can allow specific country codes and limit the people allowed to make those calls.

Q: Who made this phone system?

A: Our Business Cloud VoIP is more of a solution requiring three vital pieces to make it all work.  First, the cloud based VoIP software is simply the most intuitive, clean, and highly functional virtual PBX system. Next all software needs hardware to run and our solution is fully supported by our software partners for our specific offering to you. Finally, we need a connection to the traditional phone network which we call a SIP provider who fully supports the software and hardware of this enterprise class VoIP cloud communication powerhouse.

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