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Business Phone Systems

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Your right to dial tone. If you pick up the phone it must work. We agree. Phones are interesting because there are so many different new phones systems and also legacy phone systems in the wild. Back in the day before replacing our Definity G3 phone switches we did our due diligence talking phones with anyone that would listen. We got the opportunity to talk to some old codgers from a fortune 500 company rocking their own Definity G3 phone switches. They were in complete denial of the new VoIP technology. They insisted VoIP wasn’t ready yet. Shortly after that conversation we successfully rolled out a Shoreline (now Shoretel) mixed analog and VoIP system across two locations one of which was a historical mansion that we couldn’t change out the CAT3 wiring. We were much too young to fear VoIP, new phone technology, and possibly upsetting our basic human right to dial tone.

I believe we made the right decision then and today it is an easy choice to switch to VoIP. Decades have past and the technology has gotten so much better. I should say the implementation has improved. Did you know Linux is derived from Unix? Most VoIP systems are a variant of Asterisk. Of course, I am making a generalization but one that has merit. VoIP is not new. I will tell you the old telco guys hate seeing us data guys coming because we know how to save you money, time, and easy A/M/C (adds, moves, and changes) which are a telco guys bread and butter.

Vontage, Skype, and Joe-Internet-VoIP-guy-dude have some things in common we should understand. Any phone system will need these three things:

#1) Phone system server software

#2) Internet connected hardware

#3) Dial tone

All phone systems old or new need these 3 basic elements. We have talked extensively about cloud and what it takes to run your own servers. (Exchange or Office 365 & To cloud or not to cloud) Luckily for us cloud servers are cheap. For a low monthly fee, you can host your phone server software just about anywhere. Phone system software and sometimes required proprietary hardware are the gotchas to watch out for. Your requirements will drive your choice but beware of how some vendors really stick it to you with added features. Finally, how your people answer the phone matters these days. No not your hello greeting but how your users put the call to their earball. People want flexibility on using no phone at all on their computer, some want mobile apps to work on iPhone and Android, while others still want a nice desk phone with all the bells and whistles. Whichever phone system you go with flexibility should be baked in and not an add-on or extra.

Over the years, we have seen our share of phone systems. Some hosted. Some all onsite. Some a hybrid of both. Back in the day and today, Shoretel (formally Shoreline) is the best on premise VoIP system we have encountered in terms of reliability, ease of use, and standing the test of time. Obviously, we are big Shoretel fans and have been a very long time. But we don’t sell Shoretel. Matter of fact we instruct you to replace it upon renewal. Why? Simple, we have found right solutions with a great cloud provider, phone system software, affordable connection, and generous user devices to leverage a phone system while saving time and money.

Look we are data guys that have been replacing old telco for decades. Our reward is getting that old technology put to pasture and our prices are far better. We have figured out how old telco works and replaced it with something better, cheaper, easier, feature rich, and more flexible. Call us today 702.357.4333 or email sales@702it.com.

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