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Exchange or Office 365

Email is very important to businesses around the globe. For many years network administrators have managed everything to do with email. The email server software, server operating system, processor, memory, disk performance, data storage, CALs, anti-virus filtering, SPAM filtering, content filtering, backups, SSL certs, remote access, OWA, mobile, and security are things we dealt with daily in addition to specific user tasks. Keeping email system services running takes a lot of effort. Keeping them running without interruption takes skill. Availability may be the most important and is certainly the most visible to users. Everyone knows when your email server hiccups.

Some companies are big enough to warrant running their own email server. As we can see there is a myriad of resources that you need to run your own email server which can be overwhelming so you better be certain you “need” your own server. If you do, you do, so find yourself someone that knows Microsoft Exchange email server. You should be looking for someone with experience through the different versions especially the jump between Exchange 2003 and Exchange 2007. Exchange relies on DNS and firewall settings to operate correctly. When considering running your own Exchange server you really need a network administrator as well. How your Exchange server connects to your network and the world is paramount and needs expert configurations. One last thing to consider since you need your own email server is security. Hackers trying to relay their SPAM and malware off your email server is a constant thing. Running your own email takes many different resources and areas of expertise.

A security admin, network admin, and exchange admin together are worth approximately $250,000 a year in hometown, USA. Bigger environments will require more time zones and more shifts to cover which will require more labor cost to run your own Exchange server. Labor will break the bank as you scale. Each version requires costly project plans that include more costly labor. Remembering your need to run your own email server is becoming a need to reconsider where you focus your precious resources.

Trim the fat, focus on your business, stop worrying about email, Microsoft Office, costly administrators, and keeping your Exchange (and server) environment up-to-date. There is no hardware to ever buy again for email. No space, power, security or A/C requirements to worry about. Confusing licenses, new requirements, and version issues are something you will never deal with again. Remote access, OWA, mobile, and outlook anywhere will be on all the time without worrying if your office has power, is under water, or on fire. Running your own email server is fun. Seriously, Exchange issues have always been some of the most challenging issues and gratifying to resolve. There are many pieces to make it work and spending so much to maintain your own email server may not make sense anymore.

Web hosts have POP email accounts for twelve bucks a year. Google has apps. Dropbox has file storage. There are many ways to chop up this pie but the small businesses we have worked with have all benefited from the features of using Exchange as their email, calendaring, and collaboration platform. Microsoft Office continues to be the de facto leader in business productivity software. Microsoft has OneDrive for file storage. Most recently Microsoft announced Teams with is video voice and text communications. All these together is an orchestra of integration that only makes Microsoft the cloud provider of choice. There is a clear front runner when considering moving your email which means so much more than just email if you want it to be.

Back in my youth working construction in the Midwest the siding guys had a saying, “vinyl is final” referring to the resilience of vinyl siding that withstands the brutal Midwest weather over decades. Office 365 is final. Microsoft created Exchange email server software. Microsoft created their own server operating systems. Microsoft runs its own data centers which hosts their own cloud. Who better to move your email to than Microsoft? If you want a steak you go to a steak house not a hot dog stand.

Compare Office 365 Plans

The answer is as simple as doing the math. The best thing is the 1-to-1 relationship between people and email. If you need 15 or 150 email accounts that is all you are paying for monthly. Building your infrastructure to scale between those two completely different workloads is not financially viable. The numbers on email delivery service costs alone will tell you which way you go. Adding up Exchange, Microsoft Office, Skype for Business, Teams, SharePoint and other features baked into some plans make moving your email to Microsoft 365 the way to go for many small businesses.

When you are ready to make the move let us know. We will make your email migration to Office 365 as easy as it can be. If you need help with your own Exchange, we started on Exchange 5.5. We upgraded through all the versions 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, and now 2016. We believe and understand there is room in the world for both running your own and moving to Office 365. Sometimes there is a reason to do both at the same time which is possible. Whichever way your email swings, we would enjoy the opportunity to take that journey with you. If you would like more information or have questions please call us at 702.357.4333 and ask for a Good Helper that knows Microsoft Exchange.

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