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Network Security

What does network security mean to you?

Some people have a lot of trust in their employees. Of course we encourage open and honest conduct around the office. Restricting access does not mean you don’t trust your employees. Mitigating your attack surface is just good strategy. The world we live in today is one email away from locking up your entire business from an infection that could have been avoided. If your business survives wouldn’t you reconsider your network security strategy? Why wait?

There are simple things you can do to keep your home safe like good outdoor light, security cameras, locking your doors, and practicing general home safety. The same thing applies to IT network security. Let’s cover our bases and continue to turn the proverbially network security screws tighter and tighter. It is amazing how many organizations don’t even do the simple things.

Unfortunately we also need to have a conversation about the software you use, the support staff that has access to your business, and countries of origin of both. If you don’t believe in Russian ambitions of infiltrating our elections or anti-virus software sending your keystrokes to the KGB then your blood pressure is probably lower than ours. We take the approach of minimizing our attack surface and try to protect a smaller number of potential exploits really well instead of struggling to protect a vast amount of entry points fairly well. We are not taking sides one way or the other. Our philosophy is not to have it be part of the conversation so we will not use certain software, encourage you to use geo-protection, and use only trusted IT professionals.

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